Another Event against Prostitution in Germany

Wednesday in Ludwigsburg, Germany, at the event venue called Scala, the show was all about the German Bordel and paysex scene. Sandra Norak was also on the stage, who was a student when she ended up being a prostitute in a bordel. She fights against legal prostitution since she got out of it.

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But why is this topic so important for Edgar Lichtner, the owner of Scala? First off, Scala is practically a socio-cultural center supported by the government. It came up with the Ethics in Dialogue series and now they switched to this unusual topic, raising awareness about prostitution.

What was the Point of the Event at Scala?

According to Lichtner, the viewers should be confronted with the current situation. In Germany, the number of active bordel houses have reached the 1,2 million mark, which is a huge number. In his opinion, men can’t find anything interesting there, only the typical bachelor parties.

Because of these brothels, terms like ’Flatrate fucking’ became almost socially acceptable in Germany. Therefore, it is important to discuss how people see prostitution and all the ethics related to the matter. But this is not the only event that addressed prostitution in the country.

Read the article of Stuttgarter Zeitung here: Junggesellenabschied im Puff: Schon alltäglich?

People are also able to watch the movie called Brothel Germany in theatres. This film reflects how more and more people conside Germany the bordel of Europe. It clearly demonstrates the looseness of the legislation of prostitution in the country.

Sandra Norak at the Bordel event

For example, there was the 2006 Football World Cup when a huge number of women were brought to Germany. Their job was to provide their services to the fans who came to watch the games. The state earned a lot of money from the trade tax back then.

They Don’t Want Germany to be the Bordel of Europe

While Germany maintains the Prostitute Protection Act, other European countries decriminalize prostitution with the Nordic model. Recently, the state had a discussion about it and they came to the conclusion that sex workers need even more protection in every bordel.

They want these women to strive while the state protects them from exploitation and improves their social and legal situation. However, in the event organized by Scala, there were no political decision makers whatsoever.

There were similar events about sex dolls and sexual abuse in church that successfully made an impact. As we mentioned, this event was part of the series Ethics in Dialogue. During these events, any important topic can be brought up and discussed without conflict.

It allows people to refresh their knowledge when it comes to ethics and form new opinions. Experts, victims and the viewers talked about moral levels and sexual abuse to raise awareness.

Topic: Bordel – the Conclusion

It seems like legal prostitution in Germany has a lot of downsides to it. Every bordel is at risk. There are more and more people raising their voice on events like the one held in Scala, trying to make a change. Will this lead to the end of legal prostitution in Germany? If there is an increasing number of people against it, then these events will make it inevitable for the government to act upon it.

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