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Andiamo in Villach changes hands after previous owner dies

The Andiamo sex club in Villach was once an extremely popular destination from a sex trade standpoint. Many women worked in this sex club and it was a very successful business until something went wrong. There was a decline in the popularity of the club back in 2015 and it hasn’t been able to get back on top ever since then.

Sex Work in Vienna

Not too long ago, one of the owners of the sex club has died and their heirs inherited the majority of the shares to the ownership of Andiamo in Villach. A legal battle ensued since the co-owner of the club would like to continue operating it, while the heirs are already trying to sell their shares. For more details, read on!

The dead owner’s heirs hold the majority of the shares to Andiamo

This is a complicated trial as the people who hold the majority of the shares to the sex club do not wish to continue operating it. However, Andiamo was co-owned by another person who wants to resume work in the sex club. The current share majority is held by the heirs to the previous owner and they get to choose if they wish to sell off the property.

Since this was once a successful business, there’s no doubt that there are many people who wish to get their hands on it. Of course, they will have to pay a hefty price; current estimates put the price of the ownership to around 4 million in Euros.

What happened to Andiamo’s success?

The current co-owner of the club said that the sex club has started to worsen because of bad management. He said that his now deceased partner made the errors that lead to the downfall of the club in Villach. Because of this, he would now like to start working on the club again, putting the right people in the right positions in order to make the club as popular as it used to be. However, this isn’t possible without the approval of the majority shareholders to the club.

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