25-year-old loses his nerve while having sex in a whorehouse

A man made a brief stop at a Frankfurt brothel where he made plans to meet a prostitute for sex. Then, everything got worse.

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In Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel neighborhood, a brothel on Taunusstraße, a prostitute was supposedly threatened with a gun on Wednesday. The victim was able to get away from the offender. In the punishment room, he was detained by members of the special task team. Nobody was injured.

Around five in the morning, the 25-year-old went to a brothel prostitute’s room. Police claim that during the interaction, the 25-year-old suspect pulled a gun out of his pocket and intimidated the woman with it. The woman was able to leave the room with an excuse.

Locked in room

She told the brothel owner about the assault, who then shut the door to the performance room where the offender was still staying and contacted the police. Special troops made many attempts to communicate with the captive criminal, but he did not answer.

He was taken into custody by the Frankfurt police’s special task unit once the door was unlocked. Both the victim and the attacker sustained no injuries. The suspected rifle was really a pepper spray pistol purchased over the counter for use on animals.

Working as prostitute might be really dangerous

We covered a lot of news about prostitutes, who were attacked by clients. According to the reports, it is much safer working in a legal brothel, where the management, security guards, and security measurements can save the sex worker; than working alone as an indie prostitute. If a girl is working illegally or alone, then there is almost no protection against aggressive or dishonest customers.

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