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Latest news – pimping

Against the backdrop of peace and quiet in Vienna, the incoming world news is much more negative. Illegal pimping in minors, people smuggling for prostitution and growing murders are all part of this news.

Sex Job in Wien

Another victim on the Riviera in Palm Beach

Palm Beach’s infamous Riviera has recently become the scene of yet another serious crime. Outside a strip club, a man was found shot dead as the shooting began inside the club. Another man from the same club was sent to hospital for treatment of his wounds.

The identity of the victim is confidential and will not be disclosed by authorities. The motives for the murder are still being investigated and police are asking those with information about the case to contact the sheriff’s office. Statistics show that by 2021, there are 80 people killed in Palm Beach County clubs, and by 2020 the number has reached 99.

Smuggled couple

The next criminal news story was announced from the city of Hanu in Germany, reporting that a man and woman, 37 and 45 respectively, had received a three-year sentence for tax evasion and people smuggling. The verdict is based on fourteen proven cases in which the couple brought Chinese citizens into Germany using forged documents.

There have also been confessions from a trafficking victim who claims that after being brought into the country, women were forced into prostitution.

Mediating prostitution using social media

A resident of Frankfurt, Germany has been indicted for mediating prostitution using online platforms and social networks. The investigation was prompted by the actions of one of the women who contacted her mother. She was only 17 years old.

During the trial, the accused argued in court that the women had voluntarily prostituted, but the court and the indictment did not take into account the allegation because, under the legislation, even if women’s actions were voluntary, the use of sexual acts was illegal.

Further psychiatric examinations and behaviour observations of both women and the accused 22-year-old man are also underway.


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