Graz Brothel Stirs Controversy Again with Advertising Poster

The Maximus brothel in Graz has once again caused a stir, this time with an advertising poster for a “Black Friday Sale”. The poster advertises with the slogan “-69%”.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

Controversial Marketing

The brothel is known for its controversial advertising measures. Some time ago, another poster by the brothel, which publicly sought “girl testers,” had caused nationwide outrage in Austria. This poster led to severe criticism, including legal steps by Graz’s Mayor Elke Kahr and a public statement by Women’s Minister Susanne Raab, who emphasized feeling nauseated upon reading the poster​​.

Rene Wollinger, the operator of Maximus, explained that the “girl tester” campaign was not about sexual activities but about the psychological evaluation and preparation of the girls. He emphasized that the main intention of the campaign was to attract attention​​.

The current poster, advertising the discount offer, also caused controversy. It offers “up to -69 percent on all outgoing models”, but only upon closer inspection is it clear that the offer applies to the brothel’s merchandise T-shirt collection. Christoph Konrad, the vice-chief of the brothel, stated that the poster was supposed to look different in the draft and that the controversial design was not intentional​​.

These repeated marketing strategies of the Maximus brothel remain a controversial topic in Austrian public discourse, regularly sparking discussions about the limits and responsibility of advertising.

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