We’ve recently come across this post in the InternationalSexGuide Forum which describes pretty well the current situation in some of Vienna’s best brothels. However, we have a bit more details to add.

The user talked about the importance of a great lineup of girls in brothels and how it can affect a clients’ desire to take a girl in the bedroom or to even return to the same brothel. Obviously, the prices, interieur and atmosphere play a great part in making such decisions; but ultimately it comes down to the girls’ beauty and sexiness.

Also, we have to keep in mind that January is the absolute worst month of the year for every brothel. Many of the girls are still on vacation, relaxing and spending the money they earned in the previous year. Because of this reason, in most clubs you’d find a weak lineup of girls in January and sometimes almost no girls at all.

With these said, let’s see what some of the clubs in Vienna are doing in terms of girls:

Fresh Saunaclub – Lacking in beautiful girls

Fresh Sauna ClubFresh Saunaclub. We covered a long time ago (when Fresh just opened their gates) the Saunaclubs of Vienna in this article: http://sexclubwien.com/sex-clubs-in-vienna/saunaclubs-in-vienna/ but since then we only spoke about bits and pieces on them. Since their opening, Fresh had a hard time attracting a stable flow of clients.

They tried various marketing schemes (lowered their entry fee; eventually let go of the entry fee entirely) but to not much avail. Clients would simply not come in the required number and not as they would in Goldentime or at the very least in Funpalast. And the reason is simple – the lack of beautiful girls in Fresh Saunaclub. Actually, ever since their opening, the only consistency Fresh had was the trouble of finding great girls that would keep the clients coming. They had the odd gem in their lineup but more often than not that gem left to another club where making money is easier.

In conclusion, Fresh’s lineup of girls has always been inconsistent, often bad but never worse than now… and the slump they hit is a pretty though one to climb out of. But then again it is January and the year is too young to assume the worst for the rest of it.

As the user indicated in this recent ISG posting, the lineup is mainly a disappointment at the moment.

Maxim Wien – The best looking lineup of girls on average

maxim clubMaxim Wien, one of the leading clubs in Vienna at the moment and also apparently already now in January of 2016.

Maxim has been doing well for a few reasons which have been covered in many reviews that you can find on the net. (check out our newest edition of the Weekly Sex Club Reviews covering the 2nd week of this year: http://sexclubwien.com/weekly-sex-club-reviews/weekly-sex-club-review-week-2/). If we had to pick just 1 reason then we would attribute it to their lineup of girls which is often top notch and that even in the slowest months of the year.

On average, their lineup is far better than almost any other club in Vienna. They also have some of the best looking girls in Vienna: Eva, Lolita, Vanessa as well as plenty other girls in their Maxim Gallery. This is what makes Maxim one of the best brothels in Vienna.

vanessa, lolita and eva maxim girls

In conclusion, Maxim’s forte was always their beautiful girls and this will (likely) not change pretty soon.

Goldentime – Plenty of girls to choose from

goldentimeGoldentime. They’ve had their ups and downs with their girls (according to this article: http://sex-vienna.com/2015/03/12/watch-out-new-girls-new-prices-in-goldentime-vienna/ some of the girls even tried charging extra) but similar to Maxim’s lineup, Goldentime’s average lineup is great and they have a few stunners in there. GT’s main advantage over Maxim would be the sheer numbers, but that is due to the nature and space of the brothel.

However, with Goldentime it’s hard to tell which girl is available and which isn’t because they don’t have any kind of pictures of the girls on their website. They used to have pics a few years ago, but for some reasons unknown to us they changed this entirely.

In conclusion, although Goldentime is lacking photos of their girls on their website, they are now having a minimum of 25-35 girls; out of which maybe half are beautiful – therefore a lot to choose from.

FunPalast – Having trouble keep a consistent lineup

funpalastFunPalast was unfortunately left out from our discussion mainly because our internal messaging reports indicate that their lineup is very inconsistent and that it’s unknown what you’ll get for the entry fee of 90€. Food is still not good. Not standalone and for very sure not compared to the other FKK saunas.

Another downside of FunPalast would be the dismissal of their parties which were – mostly – a success and one of their USPs for well over 4 years.

Or to be more exact, delaying them from a two-week rhythm (which they used to have for 3 years) to a two-MONTH rhythm (and this is a big IF and MAYBE).

In conclusion, FunPalast is a no-go, at least for now. However, we’ll know soon enough when and if a visit to them is worth again. Then we’ll report back to you asap.



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