Weekly Sex Club Review Week 42

This time around we’ll do our Weekly Sex Club Review a bit differently, since only one week has passed with no major changes to the sex scene in Vienna.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

We’ll cover Maxim Wien, Babylon, Laufhaus Juchgasse and also talk a bit about LH Vienna, LH Rosi and LH Rachel.

maximv231Maxim Wien

We mentioned in our previous edition, Weekly Sex Club Review – Week 41, that Skye is back in Maxim.

Now we’re back with an update:



Skye is now working full time, starting with this week (she only danced and did escort last week).


The beautiful blonde Eva is available for Hotel escort only at the moment. We’ll keep you updated with any changes that will occur with Eva in the following weeks.


Mary will return in a few days. Similar to Eva, we’ll keep you updated on Mary’s status in Maxim.


We previously told you that Antonia was back (in our Week 42 edition). However, now Antonia is on a vacation but will be back in a few days.



We’ve previously covered Babylon in another edition, where we talked about their renovation a bit – http://sexclubwien.com/weekly-sex-club-reviews/vienna-sex-club-review-week-36/.
Now, after their Summer renovation, the place is indeed smaller but that’s not the only thing that has changed. The reopening does not seem to work exactly as they have planned since they only have between 7-10 girls at the moment (as it was reported to us).

They also decided to only open Monday-Friday with Saturday and Sunday being closed (odd decision…)

There are huge changes in the Babylon group in general – Babylon Salzburg has changed hands and now belong to the renowned group Casablanca (who are also the owners of Funpalast).

Laufhaus Juchgasse

Ria Paradise, pornstar

Recently, there have been a couple of new girls coming to Laufhaus Juchgasse. And while the fact that new girls came to Vienna is not the odd thing here, the girls that came are.

We’re talking about Kina Kash, Vanity Porn and the most recent one – Ria Paradise. All of these girls came from Germany and made a habit for themselves to treat clients poorly during their sex sessions.

A more detailed review on all three girls here:

Vanity Porn – http://sex-vienna.com/2015/09/25/vanity-porn-in-laufhaus-maxim-winter-platz/

Kina Kash – http://sex-vienna.com/2015/09/25/kina-kash-in-laufhaus-juchgasse/

Ria Paradise – http://sex-vienna.com/2015/10/16/ria-paradise-in-laufhaus-juchgasse

Laufhaus Vienna, Laufhaus Rachel and Laufhaus Rosi


All of these three Laufhauses are full at the moment, with no new girls whatsoever. What these three laufhauses are doing (we’ve proved it with past Weekly Sex Club Reviews) is to put a “NEW” tag on whoever returned to the Laufhaus.

For example, Kinga in LH Vienna has been touring Vienna for at least 3 years, and to our knowledge’s extent she has been with LH Vienna for 2 years now.

The same thing can be said about Miruna, she’s not new to Vienna at all.

Another girl that’s advertised as new by Laufhaus Vienna is Antonia, which we recognized from Maxim, where she worked in February 2014.

This would be all for this week’s edition, see you next time with more info on Vienna’s pay sex scene.

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