Stay safe

When you decide to pay for sex to a prostitute, you must take quite a few things into consideration. Let’s take a look at the most important factors that help you stay safe.

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high heels prostitutes waiting for clientsTry to avoid street prostitutes

Once you have decided to pay for erotic pleasures, you don’t have to physically interact with them. You can go into peepshows or strip clubs where you pay only for the sight of sexy girls. Of course it won’t give you total satisfaction, but arguably it is the safest way of erotic entertainment. If you decide differently and want the intercourse in any case, you should avoid street hookers because of hygiene reasons. If you want to bang a woman in the streets, you don’t have the possibility to take a shower when the intercourse is over. On the other hand, street prostitutes have the most serious chance to rob or trick you and since they are “employed” by pimps in most cases, don’t be surprised if they try it. If you want to stay safe, choose a legal sex club.

Use a condom

Using a condom is essential. Although many brothels offer AO, sex without condom is rather dangerous. Despite of the girls are being obliged to go to regular health check-ups in countries where prostitution is legal, putting on a condom is your own interest.

prostitueret_1v12Don’t be a victim of taxi scams

You should be careful of choosing the place you will visit. Many disreputable sex clubs resort to tricks. The management hires taxi drivers in order to bring as many clients as they can to the sex club. The tip for the taxi driver can go up to €50 and the managers of the brothels will take it back  obviously from the client. Therefore you will probably end up with a bill that is higher than the services worth paying. If you want to avoid taxi scam, always try to get to the place on your own.

Be aware of not being tricked

When you go to a private room with a prostitute it’s worth keeping an eye on your belongings. Although it happens in just a few brothels, in some places prostitutes might attempt to trick you. To avoid such situations, try to keep only the most necessary valuables with you.

If you keep in mind these rules you can reduce the risk of being the victim of a scam.


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