Sexclubwien SPOTLIGHT: FKK Goldentime Wien 2017

Welcome to a brand new series: Sexclubwien SPOTLIGHT! In this sequence of articles, we are going to take a closer look at the pros and cons of brothels, clubs and sauna clubs that Wien has to offer. The reviews will be based on reports, personal opinions and recent visits.

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The first club on our list is FKK Goldentime, which is located at Karl-Gunsam-Gasse 1. 2016 has been a successful year for the club and they have done many things that cemented them as the number one FKK club in Vienna, as well as a strong competitor for being the best FKK in Austria.

Thanks to their efforts, currently they have a backlist of 150 girls that work in the club. Some of these girls are currently on vacation, but most of them are returning in the nearby future to start working regularly or at least part-time or seasonal.

Goldentime Vienna interiour

Seeing such an extensive list of regular girls is very appealing on paper, however, there are a few negative sides to it too. For example, the biggest problem is that there are not enough customers compared to the amount of girls that work there, meaning that they are not able to make the amount of money that they want to make. This is especially true for January, as there are far less people who visit these types of clubs early in the year.

Forum reports

With most of January being over, we have enough information to supply the necessary knowledge for our loyal readers and that is exactly what we are going to do!

With so many girls and so few customers, for many girls giving great and extensive service for 60€ is not a priority at all. As soon as they see a new customer enter the club, they immediately approach them and start motivating for so-called “TRIOs”, which are FFM threesomes.

Girls want to make their work and life easier by teaming up, as this means that they can both make money on just one guy. This might sound like a dream come true, but most of the time this is not what you want to go for. Rule of thumb: never go for the first girl that approaches you and never accept a TRIO unless you wanted one to begin with. If this doesn’t interest you, shake the girls off and go do what you wanted to do.

The current state of Goldentime seems to be that “good” service can only be received if the girls are either familiar with the customer, if they receive a tip or if they know that he is going to become a regular for that particular girl. Not too long ago, good service was possible for 60 euro for tourists too, but at the moment it seems as if those days are over.

Lineup so far in 2017

The start of the year was exceptionally good and very fast. As we are approaching the end of the month, it is fading due to the girl/customer ratio and the fact that February is a super slow month in Vienna businesswise. Many ladies choose to go home and take a vacation, in order to get back after the national school holidays are over.

The current lineup of girls often shows very little motivation if they cannot catch a guy under their own terms (trio, tip and super long sessions to maximize earnings). By little motivation, we mean that the girls are simply lying around and they are constantly on their mobile phones. This is unacceptable in any FKK in the German speaking countries that we have been to, only in Goldentime Vienna.

Unfortunately, the girls’ attitude isn’t the worst part. In order to maximize their earnings, the girls started charging for kissing and blowjobs without a condom (OWO) and not even a small amount. Some girls ask up to €40 for kissing and anywhere from 20-50 for OWO.

Girls of Goldentime Vienna

It is important to know that the Goldentime management by no means can condone this and there have been instances in the past when they have given out directives to the girls to stop doing it. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to supervise a backlist of 150 girls and watch every one of their extra service requests. In any event, this is getting out of control and even regulars are starting to be confronted with this.

While we do know that this can happen in any club, it is scary to see how the climate in Goldentime changed from being friendly and supportive to “business is business” in only a few weeks. Of course, this can happen to you in any other club in Vienna and it only depends on the girls, but this SPOTLIGHT is about Goldentime and we are stating facts about this sauna club.


Goldentime is still one of the best FKK sauna clubs in Wien, but the girls’ attitude is surely not a breath of fresh air. We can only hope that this is going to change in the nearby future and that Goldentime can get back to its former glory.

Check back next time and read about yet another brothel that we will talk about in the next edition of Sexclubwien SPOTLIGHT!



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