Closed: Eve Bar Review

Eve Bar is located in the centre of Vienna close to some international business hotels in the 1st district of Vienna. Hence it is also among the most expensive sex clubs in Vienna. The girls they have are well trained, sometimes pretty, sometimes not so much. During summer season they tend to only open their doors for a few days on the weekend.  Sometimes they have cute girls as well that you can have fun with but that has become more and more rare. In any event the girls who work there are not very relaxed since being instructed strictly by the staff and punished severely for misbehaviour or not following the rules.

Sex Job in Wien

Eve Bar has no worthwhile online surface and strategy. They have only one page and the phone number given is incorrect, so you can’t have relevant information before visiting the place.

Once you go there, you surely will face really high prices. The main reason is that the club gets its clients only from the hotels and by taxi drivers, who will try their best to convince men to drive to the Eve Bar, in order to receive their bonus that can be up to €50 per every client taken to the spot. Of course the management of the club wants to make profit, so you probably will spend hundreds of Euros during the night. The drink request of the girls makes up additional expenses to your bill.

The interior of the club is small and dark, but the rooms where you can hide away with the girls are nice. The girls sometimes complain quite open stating they are exposed to a lot of stress. This fact can be degrading since you go there for relaxing.

To sum up, Eve Bar is nice in a few aspects and you can get entertained by some young and pretty chicks, if you are lucky. Otherwise you definitely have to take care of your wallet if you don’t want to be ripped off and leave without money in the morning hours. There can be found better sex clubs in Vienna, some of them just a 5-minute-walk away.

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