Low Budget: Kerstin Bar Review

Kerstin Bar is a sexclub in Vienna which is not among those that offer high standard. The whole interior is very small and dark without quality furnishing. The clientele is not too fine, mainly consists of unfriendly, low-class guests which doesn’t do any good with the atmosphere.

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There are not too many girl working there, usually only six to eight. Generally, they are nice enough, but finding special beauties is unlikely. The rooms are small and dark, many of them don’t even have a shower. Those clients who prefer and look for some luxury will surely be disappointed. However, prices are lower than at other similar places. Half an hour in the rooms costs €100, while 1 hour is €150.

The club doesn’t have any relevant online presence, though there is a website given, it doesn’t work at all. Also there are no parties or any special events held, so it doesn’t worth visiting too often as you will probably be bored after a few occasions without extraordinary happenings.

Kerstin Bar can be ideal for those clients who look for cheap opportunites to have sex, but that’s all. The time spent there is unlikely to become too memorable. There are much better places in Vienna. that may require a bit higher budget, but promise much better and more exciting possibilities for entertaining.

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