Warning: Baroq review – New club in Vienna

A new bar has recently been opened in Vienna by the name of Baroq. The opening was around the end of March 2022 and we had the opportunity to check out the club and everything that’s currently offered there. In this post, we will be sharing everything you should know before visiting. Read more about this new club in Vienna now!

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Blue Velvet – Previous club in the same location

Before the Baroq club was opened, the location used to house the Blue Velvet club. The first rumors of a change in ownership of the club came around late 2020, right after the first COVID lockdown. We speculate that the pandemic could have caused the former owner of the club to give up the ownership, which has been the case with many other establishments in Vienna. For many owners, the lockdown and the situation was too much the handle. With lack of clients and staff, many owners gave up because the situation was uncertain.

The Blue Velvet club wasn’t very successful, despite the central location which is very close to Stephansdom. According to our sources, the club was struggling to find new girls to add to their ranks and it had to constantly compete with more successful businesses. They had to compete with clubs such as Babylon, Maxim in the center and Goldentime Vienna which is considered to be the best FKK Saunaclub in the city. The change in ownership could have been due to this reason as well.

If you wish to read the review that we posted about the Blue Velvet club, click on the link now!

Review of the Baroq club in Vienna

The official opening of Baroq was at the end of March in 2022. Although there was a lot of talk about this club over the last two years and how it would become the next big player in the city, at first glance we weren’t as impressed as the rumors painted it. While the speculations before the club’s opening were that it would operate on a similar system to Maxim Wien, it turns out that the owners had a different plan.

As it seems, the Baroq club is trying to combine the Beverly Hills stripclub system with the Babylon high-end gentlemen club system. This basically means that clients can find strippers and sex workers alike in the club, but not every stripper can be taken to a room for sexual services, and not all sex workers would offer striptease. Although this might sound like a great idea, in reality there might be confusion as to who can be taken to a room and which ladies cannot.

The place looks good and there have been visible renovations done on the interior. The club has a new look and it is pretty; however again the rumors of it being a super luxurious place have not come true. Additionally, the previous club Blue Velvet did not look bad either to begin with. The staff members and the feel of the club was friendly and professional. We remembered the main bar lady as she used to work in Maxim Wien as well. The receptionist gladly showed us around the club, explaining the new system, as well as the new pricing. Pricing in Baroq is as follows:

  • 8 minutes of private dance – 50 euro
  • Half an hour sex in the room – 250 euro
  • One hour sex in the room – 400 euro

To put that into perspective and compare it with other clubs in Vienna, in Babylon for example you can expect to pay 500 euros for the first hour, but you get food and drinks included in the price. In Maxim Wien, one hour of sex in a regular room is 200 euros, while the VIP room costs 280 euros for one hour with a Maxim girl.

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What we didn’t like about Baroq

Unfortunately there are a couple of things that left a sour taste in our mouth after we visited the Baroq club. And according to the first reports on forums and chatter around the town, we are not the only ones who feel this way. Unfortunately, other than the staff, the atmosphere in the club was quite bleak. The dancers are pretty, but again as we mentioned, it is unclear who you can have sex with and who not. Another thing that is often mentioned as a negative is the fact that despite the rumors, Baroq didn’t really bring anything new and valuable to the Vienna sex scene. As with any business, not just sex businesses, if a new player comes along, in order to be competitive, they should bring something new to the table. And so far, we have not really seen anything new and revolutionary from Baroq.

Final verdict on the Baroq club in Vienna

The club’s interior is nice and there are some pretty strippers, as well as sex workers to be found in Baroq. The prices are not the greatest considering the alternative options, but we recommend checking the place out and forming your own opinions. For us, considering how high the expectations were after the many rumors, Baroq unfortunately did not live up to those expectations.

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