At least fifteen prostitutes killed in Bavaria

May 20, 2022

At least fifteen prostitutes have been murdered in Bavaria all within the last 20 years, as per the “Ella” network. This number was highlighted by the gynaecologist Liane Bissinger. In addition to the fifteen prostitutes deceased, Liane said that there had been five homicide attempts and a missing individual. Human trafficking, forced prostitution, and a…

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Clients wanting for sex are continuously knocking at their door, according to a desperate family in Bochum

May 20, 2022

Natalie Azberger, mother of two, gives an interview for RTL where she is concerned about living in her own house, from where she cannot go out freely. “I’m afraid something will happen if I walk across the yard.” Many customers are approaching her and ask the hourly cost and what sexual services she can offer.…

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Protest about unauthorized brothels

May 20, 2022

The property at number 19 Eintracht Street appears inconspicuous from the outside. Leaves hung from mailboxes that were painted purple and blue. However, the property in Cologne’s Eigelstein area appears to be more than a typical residential structure in the city centre, prompting some consternation in the Veedel. Because prostitutes will be hosted at the…

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In the red-light district for six years

May 20, 2022

A woman pushed into the Nuremberg brothel hell is now combating prostitution. Sandra Norak met a lover guy in high school who put her into prostitution under psychological duress. The young woman was entirely cut off from the outer world and devoid of self-esteem, but she eventually broke free after several traumatic years. Sandra Norak…

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Interview with an ex-prostitute and activist

May 16, 2022 wrote an article about an interview with an ex-sex worker that wrote a book about the life of a prostitute, called “Dehumanized”. After 10 years of doing this job, she managed to get out and now is an activist, she fights for people only having sex because they want to. Ms. Mau was asked…

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Man rents his apartment – Subtenant opens a brothel

May 11, 2022

Within a short time, it’s hard to believe, but imagine your own apartment suddenly becoming a brothel. The Swiss Lorenzo M. placed an advertisement online for renting his apartment for three months, while he travels for three months. As the time was running out and he had only one offer, a single woman from abroad,…

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Nail salon turned into illegal brothel in Leipzig

April 19, 2022

There have recently been reports of men regularly visiting a nail salon in Leipzig, Germany. According to our sources, men are entering and exiting the building which is used as a nail salon around every 30 minutes. To find out exactly what is going on, keep reading the post. Additionally, you will also find other…

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Swedish vandals sentenced to three years of imprisonment

April 5, 2022

Two Swedes have recently received a punishment of three years in jail because of what they did to a brothel in Mallorca back in 2019. In addition to the jail time, they also have to pay a compensation fee to the landlord. Continue reading this post and learn more about the drunken night of these…

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Swiss police continue their sex trafficking campaign

March 21, 2022

For quite some time, the internet ad “Do you have eggs, customer?” has been online. Since September 3, 2021, the Swiss Crime Prevention (SKP) program to combat illicit prostitution and human trafficking has been available on relevant websites in close collaboration with the Basel-Stadt cantonal police. Banners with succinct phrases are displayed on websites selling…

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Prostitutes in Thailand experience difficulties during Pandemic

March 20, 2022

Poor Thai families have been sending their daughters to Bangkok to work for years. In the clubs that have closed since the outbreak, they worked as bar girls and prostitutes. One night with a farang, or tourist, can cover a week’s worth of bills. Noi shivered as she remembered her two children, whom she had…

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Latest Articles on Sex Club Wien


January 1, 2021

Kontaktcafé is a sex club in Vienna located in a not too nice part of the city in a bad neighbourhood. The club is open from 8 pm to 5…

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How to find a Vienna sex club?

January 1, 2021

Once you have decided to spend your time entertaining with girls in Vienna, you can find full reviews online in advance even if you visit the city first time and…

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Woman forced into prostitution by her ex-boyfriend’s family

December 4, 2020

According to our sources, a woman in Vienna was recently rescued from her ex-boyfriend and his family who were forcing her into prostitution for months. The police found the 40-year-old…

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Sexclubs in Germany have to be closed due to the Coronavirus

November 10, 2020

Recently we’ve received news of a set of new laws that have been introduced in Germany as a result of the surge in the number of COVID-19 infections. These new…

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Multiple Sexclubs Closed in Hanover, Germany

October 28, 2020

A number of sexclubs have been closed over the weekend in Hanover, Germany because they did not comply with the current Corona Virus hygiene laws that are active in Germany.…

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New Girls in Sexclub Maxim Vienna

October 22, 2020

If you’ve been following the Sex-Vienna blog, you’ve probably read about Sexclub Maxim Wien already. If you haven’t, this is one of the most popular and reputable sexclubs in Vienna.…

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Loverboy in Düsseldorf sentenced to prison

October 8, 2020

A man was recently sentenced to four and a half years of imprisonment in Düsseldorf, Germany because he used the loverboy method on a 19-year old schoolgirl to force her…

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No more anonymous visits to sex clubs in Zurich, Switzerland

October 1, 2020

According to the new laws that are being introduced from the 1st of October, clients who wish to visit sex clubs in Zurich will have to present official identification upon…

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Exclusive Escorts by Bijou Escort Agency

September 30, 2020

When it comes to picking the right escort models in Vienna, there are different factors that can play a huge role in the decision making process. Choosing the perfect escort…

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Top Reasons for you NOT to Visit an FKK Saunaclub

September 23, 2020

FKK Saunaclubs have always been very popular in Germany, and in the last decade or so, they have become quite favoured in Austria, Vienna too. Currently, there are two main…

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Quick overview – Is Bijou Escort agency open again?

July 28, 2020

If you’ve been following the Sex Club Vienna blog for a while, you know that we have previously reviewed the Bijou Escort Agency. This is one of the agencies that…

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Many Brothels Struggle During the Coronavirus Crisis

July 15, 2020

Demonstration for the Reopening of Brothels in Hamburg Brothel operators and prostitutes from all over Germany decided to demonstrate in Hamburg for the reopening of brothels. This happened on Saturday,…

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Latest news regarding the Vienna prostitution scene

June 3, 2020

Since the Coronavirus outbreak initially started, Vienna hasn’t been the same as it was before. There have been numerous cautionary laws put into effect in order to lower the chance…

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Germany’s Hygiene Concept against COVID-19

June 2, 2020

Because of the Coronavirus, there have been many new laws set into action all around the world. Sex clubs needed to be closed and legal prostitution has been paused because…

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COVID-19 effects on Viennese prostitution

May 27, 2020

The COVID-19 disease has taken the world by surprise and it has hugely affected a lot of peoples’ lives. Not only did many people lose their jobs, or had their…

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