Exploring the Future of Intimacy: Sex Robots and Love Dolls

May 29, 2023

In a recent article published on the Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) website, the potentially disruptive role of sex robots and love dolls in the future of human intimacy was thoroughly examined. The piece featured a detailed interview with Oliver Bendel, a professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, who specializes…

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Unraveling Sexuality: Debunking Six Prevalent Sex Myths

May 26, 2023

In the realm of human sexuality, misconceptions and myths abound. These unfounded beliefs, often steeped in cultural lore, misinformation, and lack of comprehensive sexual education, can lead to misunderstanding and potentially harmful behaviors. In an effort to foster a more informed dialogue about sex, it’s crucial to debunk these myths and replace them with evidence-based…

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Germany’s Hottest Property Hits the Market in Hamburg’s Red-Light District

May 20, 2023

Hamburg has become the center of attention as a rare opportunity arises in Europe’s most renowned red-light district, the infamous Herbertstraße in St. Pauli. Nestled within this 60-meter-long street lies a complete brothel, now up for sale, situated right in the heart of the so-called “women’s prohibition zone.” Behind the iconic gate of Herbertstraße, boldly…

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Funpalast CEO Christoph Lielacher Ventures into Politics, Plans to Establish Red Light Party in Vienna

May 16, 2023

In a bid to cater to protest voters, Christoph Lielacher, CEO of Funpalast, has set his sights on entering the political arena in Vienna with an unconventional twist – a red light party. Following in the footsteps of rocker-turned-politician Marco Pogo, Lielacher is now planning to establish a “red light party,” according to a report…

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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Looking for Sex in Vienna

May 14, 2023

Vienna is well-known for its vibrant nightlife, filled with a range of entertainment options. One of its lesser discussed but equally significant facets is its thriving sex industry, complete with reputable gentlemen’s clubs, legal sex workers, and a host of diverse experiences. While the openness and legal status of sex work in Vienna provide an…

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The end of Funpalast-story?

May 8, 2023

There are rumors circulating that Funpalast saunaclub in Vienna may be closing down in the coming months. The speculation first appeared on the Sex Vienna Forum, but Funpalast management has not yet made any official statement on the matter, so at this point, these are only rumors. According to a Sex Vienna Forum user, the…

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Local politicians in Pohlheim criticized for profiting from prostitution at Garbenteich Brothel

May 6, 2023

Local politicians in the German city of Pohlheim are facing criticism after it was revealed that the city is profiting from prostitution through tax revenues from the “FKK World” brothel in Garbenteich. At a recent meeting of the social committee, committee members expressed their unease with the situation, with Helge Stadelmann describing what is happening…

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Shooting in Duisburg’s Red Light District: Homicide Detectives Investigate

May 5, 2023

Duisburg’s red light district was the scene of a shooting on Tuesday night, leaving one man with a leg injury. Shots were fired in the Altstadt district on Julius-Weber-Strasse at around 2 a.m., with police confirming the incident and the victim’s injury upon inquiry. According to the police report, an altercation had taken place between…

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Prostitution in holiday apartments on the rise, say police in Sigmaringen

May 3, 2023

Police in the district of Sigmaringen have reported an increase in cases of illegal prostitution taking place in holiday apartments, with landlords struggling to prevent the illegal activity from taking place. Cases are no longer isolated to one area, as police report incidents in Mengen and Pfullendorf. The problem is thought to have arisen as…

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Woman found dead in Berlin brothel, police suspect homicide

April 22, 2023

In a shocking discovery, a woman’s body was found on Monday afternoon in an Asian apartment brothel near Kurt-Ritter-Sportplatz in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The police were alerted around 3:20 p.m. when a distress call was made to the fire department. According to the latest information from BILD, the 75-year-old landlord and his 35-year-old acquaintance found the deceased…

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Latest Articles on Sex Club Wien

Sabine Postel used to live in a brothel in London

June 26, 2022

Sabine Postel talked about her life in London in the 1980s in the “Kölner Treff.” Sabine Postel (67) is a well-known German television performer. From 1997 until 2019, she was…

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Prohibited prostitution in a hotel in Mindelheim and a 32-year-old jailed for four years for stabbing

June 26, 2022

In this article you can read two shorter news pieces, related to sex workers. In case you wish to read the original publications, be sure to click on the links…

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Counseling and increased security are required for sex workers

June 26, 2022

Prostitutes require effective counsel and assistance in order to avoid becoming victims of exploitation and violence. Green Council and committee members met with individuals in charge of “ROXANNE, the prostitute…

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sex in wien

The no to the ban is correct; but, we should continue to investigate

June 17, 2022

The National Council, with a large majority supports Switzerland’s liberal prostitution model. The federal government and the cantons both have more work to do. In Switzerland, prostitutes can legally and…

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What’s going on inside of a house in Cologne

June 17, 2022

The property at number 19 Eintracht Street appears inconspicuous from the outside. Leaves hung from mailboxes that were painted purple and blue. However, the property in Cologne’s Eigelstein area appears…

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sex on the internet

During the pandemic, prostitution is increasingly being sold online

June 15, 2022

Prostitution has become increasingly available online as a result of the pandemic. However, prostitution that begins online is more difficult to manage and human trafficking investigations are increased. In Düsseldorf,…

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Prostitutes desire to be more well-known

June 11, 2022

Prostitutes demand stronger voice on “International Whore Day.” That is why, on 4th of July, Saturday, they went to the streets. On Saturday, sex workers protested on Kurfürstendamm for more…

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A night fire in Ballermann, Mallorca, represents a concern for partying visitors

June 2, 2022

This case was caused by the German drunken tourists, which is still an issue for Mallorca. Mallorca (Palma) is viewed as a drunken vacation, but the trip for the German…

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Cala Ratjada

Inexplicable assault on a prostitute in Cala Ratjada

June 2, 2022

During the weekend, an unexpected incident happened in Cala Ratjada. The Guardia Civil detained a man for violently assaulting a woman who is practicing prostitution in Cala Ratjada. No one…

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Sexclub Maxim Wien

Highly Recommended: Sexclub Maxim Wien Review

June 1, 2022

Sexclub Maxim Wien is located in the centre of Venna in a nice neighbourhood. The large bar with nice lights, the skilled DJ and the kind staffmembers all together make…

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Warning: Baroq review – New club in Vienna

May 31, 2022

A new bar has recently been opened in Vienna by the name of Baroq. The opening was around the end of March 2022 and we had the opportunity to check…

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oral sex competition

Blowjob Championship is criticized in Oberentfelden Municipality

May 29, 2022

A small event in Oberentfelden Municipality cased a lot of criticism, in the weekend there should be a Blowjob Championship. The fundamentals in a nutshell The Blowjob Championship drew widespread…

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Inflation is out of control – brothel prices are rising as well

May 29, 2022

Because of the inflation, the prices for paid sex will increase also. This is the first time when the Funpalast will boost prices since euro was adopted. Women are also…

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At least fifteen prostitutes killed in Bavaria

May 20, 2022

At least fifteen prostitutes have been murdered in Bavaria all within the last 20 years, as per the “Ella” network. This number was highlighted by a gynaecologist by the name…

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Clients wanting for sex are continuously knocking at their door, according to a desperate family in Bochum

May 20, 2022

Natalie Azberger, mother of two, gives an interview for RTL where she is concerned about living in her own house, from where she cannot go out freely. “I’m afraid something…

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