Ways Brothels try to circumvent the Corona virus lockdown illegally

Ever since the COVID-19 epidemic has become more serious, the Viennese sex scene has taken an abrupt halt. Brothels, sexbars, laufhauses, studios, saunaclubs and even escort agencies had to close down for the time being and it is unclear as to when they can open up again. According to the Viennese government, these types of establishments will be allowed to operate once again starting from the 1st of July, but this could change depending on how the Corona virus situation is handled.

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However, there are some businesses that try to keep their doors open and make money even if they are not allowed to do so. The sex industry as a whole is very inventive when it comes to bending the rules, mostly because it was historically necessary to do so before they became legal in Vienna. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways that brothels try to circumvent the lockdown that is necessary because of the COVID-19 virus. Read on to find out more!

Escort Agencies doing business secretly

Although all types of sex offering businesses had to be closed in order to practice social distancing, there are still places that try to do business as usual. Escort agencies are the simplest example of this, because they are not physical establishments where clients actually have to go. Since an escort lady can visit the client in his hotel room or at home without anyone having to know why she is there, some agencies have continued operating even in the Corona virus lockdown.

In reality, although escort agencies are not allowed to operate either, this might be the safest way to have paid sex in the COVID-19 epidemic. Social interactions are minimal (other than with the escort lady) and you basically can stay home and not have to leave and go to a brothel. Because of this, we think that escort agencies are the only option during the shutdown.

Street prostitutes might continue working regardless of the rules

When it comes to street prostitution in Vienna, it is considered to be the lowest type of prostitution in the city. Usually, the women who work as street prostitutes are offering their services for a very low amount of money on the outskirts of the city. Most of the time, these women are not making a lot of money and this is their main source of income. Because of this, it would come as no surprise to see women who work as street prostitutes continue trying to make money even amidst the Corona virus outbreak.

Of course, we are sure that there are even more police patrols checking if the women are offering street prostitution services now. However, since most women who work as street prostitutes need the money they made by offering their sexual services, we wouldn’t be surprised to see many street prostitutes return to the streets even now. Naturally, we would never recommend choosing street prostitution, as there are many negative factors that could ruin your experience.


As you can see, nothing can really stop the sex industry in Vienna, and it will find a way to operate even in an epidemic like the COVID-19 one. However, because of the current situation, as well as to flatten the curve and lower the infection rate of the virus, we would recommend our readers to stay safe and stay home. The faster we can put the Corona virus behind us, the sooner we can get back to enjoying the amazing sex scene in Vienna in all of its glory.

We hope that every one of our readers is healthy and safe. If you wish to read more about the sex club Vienna scene or you just want to partake in a nostalgic trip, go ahead and read some of the previous posts that we have published on our site. We will make sure to report on any new events and news that happen in Vienna.

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