24 Year Old Safecracker Prostitute in Jail

This Hungarian sex worker is not interested in petty stealing. She strikes right where the big money’s at: the safe where the owners of Vienna Brothels keep their income. The police has found her in Budapest after she opened three safes at three different locations and took money from them.

Sex Job in Vienna

At least according to her words since there is no way to tell exactly how many safes she has cracked or whether she resorted in other forms of stealing. They have found her at Budapest Airport and immediately took her to Austria. The three brothels she robbed are all located in Vienna.

A Sum of 3,500 Euros have been Stolen from Vienna Brothels

As she has confessed, the first safe she cracked was a furniture safe in Swechat, which is a town in Austria in the Bruck and der Leitha district. She stole a thick purse from that one in May, 2019. The other two instances were in April and August, as she has worked at two other Vienna Brothels in the 15th district of Vienna.

Safe in one of Vienna Brothels

If we sum it all up, then the total damage is 3,500 Euros according to her confessions. The Hungarian sex worker recently faced trial in Kronenburg where the police took her on October 11. Up to this point, the allegations are partly confessed by her.

Still Better than Stealing from Clients

This girl decided to make things worse for the Vienna Brothels she worked at rather than ripping off her clients. We can rarely hear about a case when the sex worker steals directly from the client. This is mainly because the gentlemen who get their money stolen usually don’t even talk about it to the public.

After all, not everyone is active on online mongering forums where you can talk about anything. In order to talk about it, they need to admit that they visited a brothel which is something they would rather keep a secret. Therefore, even if there are sex workers who steal money from time to time, you are probably not going to know it until you meet those exact girls by chance.

Here in Vienna, all we can advise you is to avoid cheap studios, read the local forums and visit only those places that have high standards and good reviews.

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