TerminPornBabes Residenz is closed

Sex-Vienna.com shows up The TerminPornBabes Residenz was closed!

The TerminPornBabes from the center of the city seemed to be a finished business from now on! The fact is due to several reasons, according to sex-vienna.com and probably the most important of them is that this business never bloomed and the owners didn’t make it after some months of low financial gains.

Sex Job in Wien

True Pornstars in the middle of the city?

TerminPornBabes began from an idea that seemed great in papers – a concept of bringing in the Residenz true porn stars, right in the center of Vienna. Unfortunately for the creators and owners of the concept and business, they didn’t actually make it in the very comeptitive area of the city center because they didn’t actually provide true porn stars regulary, but they used some kind of models and some lower rate porn actresses.

Although the girls were hot and they did their job, they didn’t really fit the concept so the bussiness kind of disappointed the clients. There were too few real pornstars and they didn’t hold on to this bussiness (they were probably expecting bigger inherits so they left after only a few weeks or even a few days).

A newborn higher on the price, lower on the service

The prices TerminPornBabes Residenz practiced were not too high for a nightclub in the center of Vienna, but the biggest issue for the clients, sex-vienna.com revealed, was that some girls, the actual real pornstars, asked from clients more money than the regular girls did. They also used to practice higher charges than the average nightclubs although the bussiness was at its beginings. One more aspect that could never fit a client: there was a separate price list with extra charges for kisses or blowjobs without a condom that could lead to a definitely too expensive experience for a client.

On the inside, The Residenz looked pretty good, luxurious and better designed than other sex clubs from Vienna, but this was no advantage when you mix all the ingredients. And it seems that clients found in a lower rate entertainment and they totaly dislike the marketing, meaning that system of in-and-out where you can’t actually relax and enjoy a few drinks while watching the girls until you make up your mind and decide who to pick.

When it comes to marketing: good or poor?

After reading the announcement on sex-vienna.com, we would rather say poor! First of all: they couldn’t actually afford their name fit their true structure because they didn’t manage to keep the true pornstart in the bussiness. Second, they used an aggressive strategy for advertising, with mini-vans picturing naked hotties in front of the hotels, http://www.heute.at/news/oesterreich/wien/art23652,1061315, trying to promote their sex club. But this was the only type of commercial they used and it seems they failed.

In the end: Is this the final step for TerminPornBabes or will they improve the concept leading to a future?

As a conclusion, the whole project was kind of a mess, with all kind of mixtures that can never lead to a true concept in order for clients to like it and remember it. It also seems that this concept didn’t really fit in the very competitive pay sex market in Vienna. The idea was good and innovative, but none flexibility shown by the administrators and a poor marketing strategy led to a quick end.

Still, the owners have the Brunn am Gebirge villa on going. It was always open and the bussiness here works well although you don’t see any porn starts around, but people are pretty rich and the pay sex market is easier to cover and resist.

But even if they tried to make it inside the city center sex market starting from an interesting concept and they had to compete here with places like Maxim Wien, Babylon and the overly priced Ninabar, a goal they didn’t really reach, they still made it to the top, as one of the best studios in Vienna: http://sex-vienna.com/2013/03/14/best-sex-studios-in-vienna/

And maybe, with an improved concept and a whole fresh marketing strategy we will be able to see TerminPornBabes alive and active again!

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