Sexworker Association Calls for an Immediate End to the Ban

As more and more people get vaccinated and other measures take effect, it becomes less risky to work as a prostitute as well. This is why the professional association for erotic and sexual services (BesD) started to force the lift of the prostitution ban.

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This is completely reasonable as massage parlors, physiotherapy, beer gardens and similar departments are already open. We got to a point where it pretty much makes no sense to keep sex work banned of all the different jobs out there that are allowed.

Sex Workers Need to be Treated Equally

Johanna Ebeling from the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung also spoke up with these arguments, demanding equal treatment for sex workers. In her opinion, brothels should be already reopened and clients with negative tests should be able to go.

There is nothing to deny about Ebeling’s arguments, as according to her words, many other „body-hugging services” are already allowed. She also mentioned that a nationwide uniform hygiene and test concept is ready, so everything is prepared for the brothel doors to open.

Ebeling also talked about how hypocritical politicians actually are when it comes to the problem in question. They insist on blocking the opening solely for moral reasons because there are no other reasons for keeping brothels closed.

The government has to take into account that the concept of legal sex work is what keeps prostitutes safe from blackmail and violence.

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