Police raid on street prostitution in Liesing, Vienna

According to local reports, the Vienna Police Department conducted a raid on street prostitution in the 23rd district of Vienna. The raid took place over the weekend, with more than 25 police officers and around 20 employees from the city. The task force was mainly focusing on street prostitutes and advertisers that use “sex buses” for their sessions. People under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and sex workers without proper heath papers were also fined. According to the police report, the raid was a success, with multiple charges filed. Read the full breaking news article to learn more!

Sex Job in Wien

The raid on Brunner Strasse

Mayor Michael Ludwig from SPÖ put together this task force after locals complained about noise, pollution and broken vehicles. The officers were tasked with setting up a grid and checking everybody who looked suspicious around Brunner Strasse in the Liesing area. According to reports, there were professionals on site who checked the state of the vehicles, any levies that were remaining, and their general compliance with regulations. There was also a police officer who checked the speed of the ongoing traffic, as well as a police doctor.

Several “sex buses” toed from the location

These sex buses are basically vans that had their interior changed to represent a room where sex workers can take their customers. Most of these buses only have the basic necessities, such as a cheap mattress for the act, heating via propane gas bottles and maybe a table or a desk. The windows of the vans were covered with cloths and blankets for privacy. According to the police report, these sex buses were in very bad condition. Five sex buses were towed away and five additional ones got their license plates removed because they were not safe for prostitution purposes.

Other places raided by the police in the near past

This isn’t the only news story about a police raid on prostitution. Previously we have published several news articles that reported on police intervention. Check out some of our following publications:

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This police raid on street prostitution in Liesing managed to file more than 130 charges of various types over the weekend. These tickets included charges against prostitutes, people under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as well as other minor violations. For example, people were fined because their child’s seat wasn’t installed properly.

When asked about this raid, Walter Hillerer, head of the Immediate Measures Group said that the rules in the city need to be obeyed. He also stated that they were able to effectively intervene thanks to the Vienna Police Department.

We will make sure to keep our readers posted about any breaking news that happens regarding prostitution and sex clubs in Wien!


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