Pimping trial – two Venezuelan Miss Candidates fight each other in court

The story took place in Wien, where Vanessa, age 32, accused a couple of forcing herself into prostitution, after which they took every penny she had. The couple in question are Daniela (Venezuelan, friend of Vanessa, age 22) and Ahmed (Daniela’s boyfriend at the time).

Sex Club Maxim Wien

From waitress to…sex worker?

According to Vanessa, she came from Venezuela for a waitress job offer, however she found herself forced into prostitution by the same group that promised her the waitress job. It was after she escaped the group, Vanessa found her former acquaintance, also a Miss Venezuela candidate, Daniela, on Instagram and asked for shelter for a couple of weeks.

Judge Schmitzberger interrogates the couple, to squeeze out the truth

Judge Daniel Schmitzberger is on the case and he wants to find out the whole truth. He begins by questioning the two defendants, one by one. After clearing out that Ahmed had zero knowledge of how the events unfolded (he didn’t even ask for rent money from Vanessa), he switched to Daniela. She, on the other hand had previous ties with sex clubs in Wien from when she was working as a sex worker in 2017.

According to Daniela, she told her former beauty contest friend, Vanessa, about her time in Vienna and how it wasn’t such a great experience (resorting to prostitution eventually). In spite of Daniela’s warnings, Vanessa still came to Austria, probably because you don’t earn that much back in Venezuela.

After Vanessa’s arrival in Wien, she began to work as a prostitute for the group that brought her. However, on Feb 8th, 2018, she asked for shelter in Daniela and Ahmed’s apartment for two weeks. It is at that time that the story takes a turn – when told by Vanessa. However, according to Daniela, Vanessa still wished to continue working as a prostitute so she just helped her with organization – because Daniela still had a number from Kontakt-Bazar and proceeded to ask for 30% of all profits Vanessa would make. Daniela counted 8 customers in total for the two weeks Vanessa spent at their apartment which would spend either 80E for half an hour or 150E for one full hour of happy time with the 32-year-old Venezuelan.

There are always two sides to a story

It was now time for Vanessa to explain her side of the story. After cutting her ties with the group that brought her to Wien, she was left with 1,700E and no place to go. Even the judge was curious about her decision to contact Daniela, and why not just go back home – especially if she was forced into prostitution earlier. To this question, Vanessa remained silent…She could only say that she had a return ticket for the end of March.

Vanessa’s next statement is even weirder, she said that for the two weeks spent in Ahmed’s apartment, she was asked to pay 60E rent/day. And by none other, than her friend, Daniela (it was entirely Ahmed’s apartment and he had no means of communication with V. as he didn’t know Spanish). And when Vanessa got worried about her savings, she said that Daniela kind-of forced her into working again as a prostitute to be able to pay the rent and still have leftover money.

There were some evidences presented to the Judge, amongst which there were some WhatsApp conversations, between Daniela and Vanessa. According to Vanessa, all conversations were held on WhatsApp, but the Judge notes that there were no threats in those conversations (only just reminders not to be late for the customers) and that the convos were a bit too scarce for the alleged 8 clients/day (as Vanessa testified).

Vanessa ended up using her return-ticket for March 2018, only to return in Austria in May 2019. The weird part is that she filed a complaint against the couple in January 2020.

The truth is hidden between the lies

All of Vanessa’s actions are making the Judge believe she’s not credible at all and the many contradictions that appeared in her questioning strengthened his decision to acquit the couple from Vanessa’s accusations. No coercion has been used against Vanessa.

For the complete article as well as dialogue between the defendants, accused and the judge, go to https://sex-vienna.com/2021/02/03/venezuelan-miss-candidates-go-to-trial-for-pimping/

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