New Prostitution Laws in Germany

Germany has been a mecca for mongerers for the last few decades and some people even call the country the “biggest brothel in Europe”. There have been an overwhelming number of brothels opening and this was mostly due to Germany’s very loose set of laws around prostitution. As most of our readers are already aware, almost all clubs in Germany are FKKs, which has introduced a few problems. If you’re interested in the impact that FKKs have on the overall prostitution business, read this Sex-Vienna post about the subject.

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A number of new prostitution laws have been put into action that have the potential to completely change the paysex scene in Germany. After months of negotiations, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) have agreed on the final details of the new German prostitution laws that have a huge impact on the mongerering game in the region.

Among other things, working girls in Germany now have to go through an elaborate registration process, they have been prohibited from offering certain services and all girls must complete a medial health evaluation before they can start working. The new laws have been put into motion mainly to protect the prostitutes and to take away the power that pimps have over the working girls. However, prostitutes say that the new system is not fit for the purpose.

New German prostitution laws that are in motion

Prostitutes who intend on working in Germany are now required to have a doctor’s note, proving that they are healthy and that they have been checked by a medical professional in the last 12 months. The minimal age at which a girl can become a prostitute is still 18 years old, but girls between the ages of 18-21 will have to get checked every 6 months and they will have to renew their registration every year. Naturally, minors under the age of 18 are banned from partaking in any prostitution activity.

The new German prostitution law also states that the working girls should be the ones deciding where, for how long and with whom they have sex with, and not their pimps. This could make the working conditions of some girls more tolerable, but only the girl and her pimp knows for sure if a prostitute is working out of her own will or if she is forced into prostitution. Clients are encouraged to contact the police if they see a prostitute working against her will. Customers who knowingly use the services of girls who are forced into prostitution will face prison time.

While the new laws make operating a brothel completely legal, they prohibit the offering of orgies, gangbang parties, flat-rate deals and most importantly: unprotected sex.

Oral and sex without a condom is now prohibited

One of the biggest changes in Germany’s prostitution laws is that since the beginning of June 2017, working girls are prohibited from offering or advertising OWO and BBBJ. According to the new law, the prostitutes will not get punished, but clients could face fines up to €50,000. The huge fine is probably just a symbolic number, but it is still out there as the upper limit.

Even though it is prohibited, some girls still offer bareback services to their clients, but the whole scenery is affected by the new laws. In German FKKs, it was an absolute given thing that girls would do great service, including kissing and OWO for €50. However, now the girls are either too scared to offer the services or they have to do it secretly.

What do the working girls think of the new prostitution laws in Germany?

According to a couple of sexworkers who have been asked about the new system in Germany, the working girls are not happy with the changes. A spokeswoman for sex workers’ union BeSD stated that there’s no way of check if a condom was used during intercourse without violating the sex workers’ rights. She also said that the registration process is against the rights of the working girls, as having “sex worker” written on their identification card could heavily impact the girls’ personal lives.

If you want to read further into how working girls feel about the new prostitution laws, go ahead and check out this The Local article.

How does the new laws impact prostitution in Germany?

Many people are skeptical about the new laws that have been put into action in Germany. Sex worker groups and advocates say that the laws infringe on the girls’ personal rights and privacy and that the laws will only encourage the sexworkers to work illegally instead.

Some people are saying that the new laws will make the jobs of human traffickers easier, as they can simply say that a foreign girl is working out of her free will, when in reality she is forced into prostitution. Imprisoning these human traffickers is hard, as most of the time the girls are too scared to testify against them in court and finding evidence against them is extremely tough.

From a client standpoint, the change is noticeable in that the clubs do not put pressure on the girls to offer everything anymore. There are far less upsells and extra services that the girls are advertising, as they can’t openly say that OWO and BBBJ are standard anymore because they are forbidden.

Prostitution in Austria compared to Germany

Since the new prostitution laws in Germany have been put into motion, the Austrian sex scene is becoming more and more attractive and is trending upwards. Working girls in Austria also have to register themselves and go through a health evaluation in order to work, but the prices are higher and the working conditions are somewhat better.

Austrian brothels can’t put pressure on the prostitutes to offer extra services either, but OWO and BBBJ are allowed and the girls offer it to be competitive. This makes Austria an attractive choice for mongerering, especially after the current situation in Germany. If you want to find reputable brothels in Wien, check out this Sextoplists article showcasing the top 6 best nightclubs in Vienna. On the other hand, if you prefer FKKs, here’s a Sex-Vienna post about sauna clubs in Wien.


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