Man convicted of paying for a prostitute after new prostitution law in Dublin

Bryan Mason is the man who was convicted of paying a prostitute for sex. The authorities have organized a raid to a brothel from Dublin and the 65-year-old man was the first person who was fined according to the new prostitution law in Dublin. The man went to the Dublin District Court and he has received a €200 fine because he paid for a prostitute. Manson was fined by the Court and he was charged under Section 25 of the Criminal Law, Act 2017. Ruhama, an Irish charity organization considers the authorities took the right decision. The members of this organization have the objective to support the persons affected by prostitution and sex trafficking.

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The vulnerable women should be protected

The CEO of Ruhama, Sarah Benson declared this case shows there are criminal groups who are trying to make profit from the sex trade. Ruhama considers that it is not acceptable to pay in order to have access to another person’s body just to satisfy your fantasies. There are people who consider the authorities should convict more persons who pay for sex. This way, the phenomena could be stopped. It is clear there are a lot of vulnerable persons in nowadays society. The demand for sex is high, so the police should prevent this mechanism from developing. It is obvious the persons who pay for sex don’t care about the sex-worker’s welfare. This is the reason why the police must take action. The ones who defend the woman’s rights consider that a guy who pays for sex wants to show his dominance over women. The group also feels that in many cases the sex-buyers are violent with the women who are trapped in this business.

The authorities hope this legislation will decrease sex trafficking

The public authorities hope this conviction will increase the awareness regarding the law. In addition, this measure wants to tackle the demand that leads to sex trafficking. A lot of young girls are forced to work in this industry and it is almost impossible to find a way out. According to some statistics, there are almost 1,000 sex workers in Ireland at any given time. The main problem is that more than 95% are forced to do this job. There are also different institutions that offer support for the persons who managed to get out of this industry. The main role of this type of organizations is to reintegrate these vulnerable and marginalized young girls. On top of that, the persons who are found guilty face a maximum fine of €1,000. There is also the possibility to be sent up to five years behind bars.

Sex Workers Alliance – a group against this new law

Like always, the opinions are split and this new law produced controversies when it was introduced. The members of Sex Workers Alliance consider this legislation drove the business further underground. This way, the women became more vulnerable and the sex trafficking increased. We will be watching this topic and we will give you new information as soon as it pops up.


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