Jeffrey Toobin Masturbates on Zoom Call, Gets Suspended

There are a few things more embarrassing than to get caught masturbating during an election simulation. The Zoom call featured New Yorker all-stars where Toobin made the huge mistake. The participants of the video call were WNYC and New Yorker members.

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Toobin simply did not expect himself to be visible during the Zoom call at that moment. According to his words, he though that he was muted and not visible.

 As a result, the reporter got suspended by the New Yorker. He took responsibility for it, apologizing to their co-workers, friends and family members, although this did not save him from the consequences. Some of the biggest stars were there during the call.

There was Evan Osnos who played Joe Biden, Jelani Cobb who was Democrats, Jane Mayer as Republicans, Masha Gessen as Donald Trump, Sue Halpern as left-wing democrats, Andrew Marantz as far right and Dexter Filkins as the military.

It was Clear that Toobin was Touching Himself on Camera

In front of these people, Jeffrey Toobin’s job was to play the courts but he was too busy masturbating and completely unaware of the situation. There were other people as well from the WNYC and the New Yorker, mainly producers.

It is not clear how much they did see when Toobin came online but it was obvious that he was jerking off. This all happened during a 10-minute break. At the beginning of it, they thought that Toobin started another video call. As he was messing with the camera a bit, some of the others who came back from the break were able to see him touching his penis.

He switched the camera off a couple minutes later. After another few moments, he switched it back on and joined the call but he was unaware of the fact that he was actually live while masturbating. Then, the election simulation continued as normal.

Toobin Suffers the Consequences while Still Working at CNN

Since then, Toobin did appear on CNN as usual, as he is the chief legal analyst for the channel. CNN reported that Toobin needed some time off because there was a personal issue he wanted to deal with. Meanwhile, WNYC informed everyone that Toobin cannot be booked for their shows anymore.

In fact, WNYC does not want to work with Toobin no matter which professional capacity comes to question.

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