Clients wanting for sex are continuously knocking at their door, according to a desperate family in Bochum

Natalie Azberger, mother of two, gives an interview for RTL where she is concerned about living in her own house, from where she cannot go out freely.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

“I’m afraid something will happen if I walk across the yard.” Many customers are approaching her and ask the hourly cost and what sexual services she can offer. Before Natalie and her husband Cristian moved there, a prostitute used to work in the same apartment of 150 square meter.

Prostitute works in the house next door

“We weren’t told that there was a brothel next door. We only found out about it from the clients who rang the bell here.” The same prostitute is now moved to the house next to them, but as a habit, the customers are still trying to reach her at the old address.

When the landlord was asked by RTL, he denied in a written statement that “All tenants will be informed before they move in which businesses are located on the commercial area”. He’s also afraid that the four-person family is using the prostitution next door as an excuse to avoid paying rent and hide the fact that they’re ruining the property.

Bochum family is harassed by suitors

The family can only shake their heads at this. You want the landlord to finally do something. The family doesn’t really want to move. The Arzbergers believe it is not easy to find a comparable apartment at an affordable price in Bochum.

For the city, the matter is clear: apartment prostitution is allowed in this area. That the prostitute goes about her business next door is therefore completely legal. Because of the many uninvited guests that are attracted by this, the family has now reduced the rent. That is legally possible, says lawyer Arndt Kempgens when asked by RTL.

“You can say that prostitution in the neighboring apartment can also represent a lack of rent and then you can reduce the rent. I would keep a third in order here,” he explains.

Pimp desperate: staff crisis also hits sex club

Here is another story from the sex scene, this time from Villach. The Villach pimp is desperate. He’s rubbing his hands, searching for help. He underlines that the present crisis is also harming the sex business.

The sex industry is also affected by the shortage of staff, not only the gastronomy and hotel industry. The “Kleine Zeitung” reports, quoting the Italian “Il Gazzettino”.

The manager of a brothel in Villacher, who is Italian by birth, is unhappy with the current scenario. He is about to open his business. However, six people of his staff from the enormous brothel were still absent.

In this area, brothel boss is looking for staff

According to the “Kleine Zeitung” report, the Italian boss wants to hire people who can speak German, English and Italian that should work at the reception and share with the interested ones information over the phone. Customers should also be informed about the club’s “process.” It can’t be due to the payment, according to the manager. He pays between 1,500 euros (at reception) and 3,000 euros (for the chef) net, depending on the assignment.

“Due to the pandemic, many workers have switched to other industries. With us, there is also the fact that many potential employees have families”, the Italian manager explains that this is the main reason why he had only few interviews. Most women are not looking for work in this industry, although the work is not disreputable, such as waiters or as an entry-level.

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