Child Grooming Scandal in Telford, England

Apparently, in the last 40 years over a thousand young girls have been kidnapped, beaten up, raped, sold for sex and some even killed in a tragic child grooming scandal in Telford, England. Some of the girls were as young as 11 years old when they were taken away from their families. Most of the victims are young white girls, but teenagers from Asian communities have been abused too.

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Worst child grooming scandal in Britain’s history

According to our sources, the child grooming has been happening since the 1980s and over a thousand young girls have been lured away from their homes by rapists, torturers and perverts. The girls were used as sexual commodities and forced into sex slavery with physical abuse or blackmail. The Mirror has interviewed 12 victims who have been abused in Telford and they said that the violent rapes are still happening to this day.

One victim said that she was forced to have sex with numerous men in shady and dirty places. She took morning after pills at least twice a week and she had two abortions. The girl said that she was raped by multiple men hours after her second abortion. She also stated that her worst experience was when she was drugged and gang raped by five abusers just after her 16th birthday.

Another victim went on record and said that she was groomed in 1985 by an 18 year old Asian man when she was only 14 years old. The woman is now 47 years old and she reported that after she had the Asian man’s baby, he “gave” the woman to his friends who raped her. The woman said that she went to the council and school to report her abuser, but they didn’t believe doing something was necessary. Her doctor diagnosed that she was mentally unstable and that she should be taking medication.

Tragedies linked to the child grooming scandal

A 16 year old girl, her sister and her mother were killed in 2000 when her 26 year old abuser set fire to the family’s house. The girl’s name was Lucy and her case was used to threaten the girls into not talking. The kidnapped girls were told that if they say anything, their families would end up like Lucy’s family; dead. Lucy’s abuser was jailed for murdering the family, but he was never prosecuted for the abuse or the sex crimes that he has committed against the girl.

In 2002, a 13 year old girl named Becky Watson died in a car accident which was initially reported as a prank. Further investigation revealed that she was abused by an Asian sex gang for more than two years. Becky’s mother said that she reported her daughter was being abused multiple times to the police, but they didn’t do anything and that they treated her daughter like a criminal.

A friend of Becky’s was also abused by the same gang who made her addicted to cocaine when she was 12 and heroin at age 14. The girl died when she was only 20 years old due to a drug accident.

Authorities failed to act for over 40 years

According to our sources, the police and several social workers have been notified about the child grooming, but they failed to take notice of the situation. Apparently, social workers knew of the child abuse since the 1990’s, but they didn’t do anything. The main reason why the authorities didn’t act on the situation is because they viewed the victims as prostitutes.

Allegedly, the police didn’t keep records and details of Asian abusers out of fear of racism. One victim said that the police tried to stop her from finding out why her abuser wasn’t prosecuted because they were afraid of the media’s attention.

From 2010 to 2012, a police investigation called Operation Chalice was conducted, in which more than 200 potential abusers have been identified. Unfortunately, only nine abusers were jailed from the potential 200 suspects and the investigation was promptly closed.


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