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Body of a woman dropped just in front of an official building

A 28-year-old Romanian man confessed to the murder of his girlfriend. This has been the 25th murdered woman in Austria in 2021.

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During the interrogations, the man that dropped the body of a young woman just in front of the Villach district administration on monday, has confessed to being the one that murdered her. He didn’t fight the investigation, and by the time the police arrived at the scene, he was still there next to the body and he didn’t try to resist the arrest.

On Wednesday, Markus Kitz, the spokesman for the Klagenfurt public prosecutor’s office declared:

“During the interrogation, the man stated that the act had been preceded by a dispute, he said that he let himself be carried away into beating the woman with a wooden stick.”

The murder weapon was discoverd to be a self-carved wooden stick in the shape of a baseball bat and was found and seized in an industrial park on the outskirts of Villach. The spokesman did not confirm or deny the weapon to be found next to a brothel, as the media has often reported.

It is not known yet if the murder took place in the red light district, as the police heard on Tuesday.

It has been confirmed that the murder victim and the perpetrator have been sharing an adress, but it is unknown if they were still living together at the time of the murder, the lead is being still under investigation.

The murderer believed that the district administration building is the hospital

Why did the man drive the victim’s body to the official building instead of going to the hospital? Could she have been saved?

The same spokesman declared: “He said he was looking for a hospital and believed that the district administration was a hospital”. Bypasser had to witness the man while he pulled the woman out of the car and laid her on the pavement just in front of the building. They alerted the authorities, but there wasn’t anything to be done anymore, all the resuscitation techniques gave no positive reaction, the woman was already dead.

On thursday night, an autopsy has been carried out, the results showing that the cause of death was extreme violence resulted from the use of the bassebal like murder weapon, the time of death is still unknown.

After being interrogated, the 28-year-old perpetrator has been taken to the Klagenfurt prison where he is going to await trial.

The spokesman also stated that there is no reason to believe that the man has had any accomplice, but acted as a sole perpetrator in the murder.

The murder of the 29-year-old Romanian sex-worker, has been marked to be the 25th woman murdered in 2021 in Austria, another woman being murdered Sunday in Vienna-Floridsdorf. The 37-year-old woman was stabbed to death by a 45-year-old man in a drug deal gone bad.

The second edition of the Violence Protection Summit is going to take place in Vienna, next Tuesday. At the summit will participate experts from the police and judiciary, victim protection organizations and other important entities and institutions. The event, which goes by the motto “Together against violence”, is the start of the movement called “16 days against violence”, which is going to take place starting with November 25th and is going to end on December 10th.

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