An unique property is for sale, the Laufhaus for 1.5 million euros

Klagenfurt – Following recent advertisements for a brothel in Velden, a new property is now up for purchase in Klagenfurt: the “Villa de Luxe.”

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A new sign has just been up in front of the “Villa de Luxe” brothel on St. Veiterstraße in Klagenfurt. It states, “For sale.” When questioned, it was discovered that the deal was being handled by the Klagenfurt legal firm Huanigg & Dellacher, although the owner is a Swiss entity. There are reportedly no interested parties as of yet, and the fine piece is estimated to cost roughly 1.5 million euros. A Carinthian daily newspaper claims that there has been no accommodation.

In Velden, a comparable home was just advertised, it has been reported. But in this case, the object is offered for “only” 670,000 euros and all necessary permissions are included.

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