Every Austrian girl working in the Bijou Escort agency

As many of you who follow the happenings in Vienna’s sex scene know, most of the ladies who work in the escort agencies of the city are usually from Romania, Slovakia or Bulgaria. Unfortunately, this is not only the case in escort agencies, but rather in most sexclubs, Laufhauses and other types of brothels in Vienna, with a few exceptions.

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However, the Bijou Escort agency is trying to change this by introducing numerous Austrian escort ladies to their lineup of girls. Since Bijou Escort is a reputable and well-known agency, the ladies who work there are usually very much recommended. Here are the Austrian escort girls who are currently working and available for booking via the Bijou Escort agency.

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Johanna was born in Vienna and she is currently working here as a high-class escort lady. Her experiences in the escort business are not vast, but she is an extremely cute and dedicated girl who wants her clients to be happy. Johanna is also quite smart and a very natural lady. With these attributes, and her gorgeous body and face, Johanna is very much recommended for those who are looking for new Austrian escort girls for booking.

Johanna Bijou Escort Vienna

Johanna from Bijou Escort


Like the previous girl that we have written about, Carolina is also a newcomer escort lady from Vienna. She is currently the youngest girl in the Bijou Escort repertoire of ladies, but this doesn’t mean that she isn’t an exceptional escort date. She is willing to try new things and as a result of this, she is offering numerous erotic services for those who wish to book her for an evening. Carolina is a great pick for those who fancy ladies who offer girlfriend experience services. She’s a natural, young and smart high-class escort lady who is sure to have a successful and lasting career in the escort business.

Carolina Bijou Escort Vienna

Carolina from Bijou Escort


Much like the girls that we have mentioned so far, Nina is yet another younger and inexperienced escort lady who has recently joined the ranks of Bijou Escort. This girl is originally from Salzburg, but she has moved to Vienna to pursue her career of being a high-class escort lady. Nina is an educated and pretty girl who is looking for sophisticated gentlemen to show her a thing or two. She is very much dedicated to her job and wants to show that she can make it in the business. With her elegant and natural looks, blue eyes and long blonde hair, Nina is a great pick for those who wish to spend erotic time with a tall and sexy Austrian escort lady.

Nina Bijou Escort Vienna

Nina from Bijou Escort


Lena is not particularly a young escort girl, but she isn’t a mature lady either. She’s a Viennese escort girl who is passionate about her job. When it comes to Lena’s personality, she can be a cuddly cutie, but when necessary, she can also become a dominant woman who takes control in her own hands. She’s a pretty and versatile high-class escort lady who loves to drink champagne and live life to its fullest. In addition to her vast arsenal of skills, Lena is also well-versed in the art of giving exceptional massages. Because of this, and her overall appearance and demeanor, Lena is a recommended escort girl for those who are looking for a native lady for an escort date.

Lena Bijou Escort Vienna

Lena from Bijou Escort


Unlike the other young Austrian escort ladies who are currently working in Bijou Escort, Valéria is a mature and dominant woman. She’s an experienced and sexy escort who is known for her skills in BDSM techniques. If you want to be dominated or you wish to dip your toe in the ocean of BDSM, Valéria is probably your best bet. Of course, she isn’t only good for these kinky services, as she has a fun and interesting personality that you will get addicted to.

Valéria Bijou Escort Vienna

Valéria from Bijou Escort


The last lady on our list of Austrian escorts who are currently working in Bijou Escort is Sandra, the MILF beauty. Alongside Valéria, Sandra is currently the most experienced lady working in the Bijou agency. Even though Sandra is not particularly young, she still has a very sexy body and her services are perfect for those who love a busty MILF lady. Sandra also gives great massages, so she can surely make you relax and unwind after a hard and exhausting day.

Sandra Bijou Escort Vienna

Sandra from Bijou Escort


Bijou Escort is really trying hard to introduce new Austrian escort girls to the scene, and we can only thank them for that. Seeing how reputable and fair this agency is, the girls who work there are usually on a higher level too. All of the girls who have been listed in this post are recommended and choosing any of them will most probably result in a fun and exciting evening. You just have to decide what kind of a girl you are looking for. Regardless of what you are craving, Bijou Escort has got you covered.

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