Weirdest places to have sex in

Sex is a fascinating thing, but what do you do when you’re in a boring relationship? What if you like having sex with your beloved but you’re sick of the same old bedroom or living-room sofa?

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All of these questions are answered easily with diversity and spontaneity.

five black dressed women touching a manWhere should I go for spontaneous sex?

In reality, everything out of the ordinary is ok. Start slow, explore your house more. You may be surprised by how exciting having sex by the windows may be. For those who want more ideas for places to have sex, here are some of the most-known sex-locations:

In a car

If you are on your way in your car with your partner, you can stop anywhere on a deserted road or a parking place to have some sex or you can get a blowjob while driving. Anyhow it happens it’s pretty exciting to have sex in a car.

In the bathroom of a restaurant

Bathrooms of a restaurant is another extraordinary place. You should always be careful not to be caught or you might be banned from the restaurant.

At your office

Your office is about your work, so usually you can’t be there with your partner, but if you engage sex with one of your colleagues, it is extra exciting. Just be careful not to be caught by the surveillance cameras.

Dressing room of a store

This is the perfect place for a quickie. The only problems you will have will be the lack of space and the noises which can be heard by the staff.

On top of a building

Sex on the top of a really high building is great if you can get up there. Especially at night with the lights of the city, it can be very romantic.


Underwater sex can be piquant in a pool when there are no people there. The sexual intercourse of two divers can be mindblowing.

craziest-places-to-have-sex-2In a corn field

Back to the nature, it’s perfect. Corn grows quite high, so you can hide away with your partner. Keep in mind that most of these locations are public ones, so laws might not allow public display of sexual activity.

Besides spontaneity, there are other factors that can influence how exciting sex can be. Sharing your fantasies regarding a weird place is the first step to increase your quality of sex. There are other fantasies, some better than others. You can easily mix-up a weird location with a dressing fetish. Regarding fetishes and sexual desires, sexclub girls might have some interesting stories. They are usually the “go-to” when you can’t find the right woman to satisfy your secret desires. You can find the available services on the sexclub’s website.

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