Laufhauses in Vienna

Laufhaus can be defined as a sex hotel, where each girl rents her own room, the clients have nothing else to do than to go to the scene and meet the girls who have already been waiting for them. It means that every duty is up to the girls to deal with. They pay between 40 and 100€ per day for their room in advance. The price depends on the house and the room category as some rooms are bigger, others are a bit smaller. Then the girls give their service to their clients in the room who have to pay before the sex act. If you are into quick sex with no long foreplay and warm up talk necessary, then a Laufhaus may be just your thing.

Sex Job in Vienna


The meeting with the girls is all about sex and there is nothing else to do in the house, so it is not really worth staying longer than the sex act takes. The girls are usually not interested in a conversation except for concluding their business. Usually and by definition there is no bar area with food or drinks. In most houses coffee and soft drink machines are available.

Obviously like any other forms of paid sex, laufhaus also has both advantages and disadvantages.

First let’s take a look at the downsides:

  1. As the girls are absolutely independent, they usually cost quite a lot even for a short service and furthermore many of them are rather greedy what boost their prices even higher.
  2. Otherwise the laufhaus policy doesn’t care too much about the girls who work there and most of the time you’ll find the same ones without the serious chance to meet with a newcomer.
  3. There are too many laufhauses in Vienna and the number still has been increasing, which means that the existing ones often weaken each other and the managements are not too interested in attracting new girls and new clients, while new laufhauses also try to get into the business competing with the old ones.
  4. Most of the girls are not motivated to provide high quality service and get regular clients and as long as they pay for the rooms the management won’t ask them to leave.
  5. Quickies are the most popular unit  because with the extras adding up a quicky can become expensive.

Jasminlagv2These are a few bad things you may find in Laufhause Vienna, but now let’s see what you can benefit if you are willing to turn blind eyes to the cons.

  1. Most of the times, laufhauses don’t claim for entry fee. You’ll see the girls in the hall and can choose the one which you like most.
  2. It’s easy to get into conversation with the girls and in many cases the services and sometimes the prices are negotiable.
  3. Laufhauses are generally clean and there are no serious hygienic problems.
  4. One of the best things is that the chance to find real beauties among the girls is rather high and their images on the websites are usually up to date.
  5. As the girls are their own bosses, they have their own private rooms, where they can spend their free time between the clients if they want. Therefore they often feel like home and it makes them to be comfortable and calm.

As I have mentioned above, there is a relatively wide selection of laufhauses in Vienna, some of them are older and need renovation. Of course new and modern ones also can be found. The best of all is probably Laufhaus Vienna, which is a quite new one, always clean with shower in every room and with the most beautiful girls you can find in laufhauses.

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