Top 5 Escort Friendly Hotels in Vienna 2023

January 24, 2023

We are back with a comprehensive list that might come in handy for your next Vienna visit. If hanging out with escort girls is your thing, then this one is for you. What we have here is a comprehensive list of escort friendly hotels based on the valuable information provided by the Maxim Wien website.…

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Andrew Tate Charged with Human Trafficking in Romania

January 4, 2023

Andrew Tate has been a huge hit on the Internet lately. Some know him for his kickboxing career, while others know him as an Internet celebrity. Many were surprised to find out that currently, he is detained in Romania.  His brother, Tristan and two other guys are also closely tied to the case. The two…

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Preventing Violence against Sex Workers with Legal Recognition

January 3, 2023

The International Day against Violence against Sex Workers on December 17th is an opportunity for Volkshilfe Wien to emphasize the importance of addressing the pervasive problem of violence against sex service providers. This violence takes many forms, including discrimination, marginalization, and criminalization of sex work, and it affects not only sex workers but society as…

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Brothel Managers Defamed, Taxpayers to Pay 100,000 EUR

January 2, 2023

The Berlin public prosecutor’s office’s accusations led to a costly legal case for taxpayers. It has been proven that the managers of the Artemis brothel were not connected to organized crime. A defamation lawsuit filed by the two prostitution ring leaders against the state of Berlin was successful, resulting in a damages award of 100,000…

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Look Out for These 3 Trends in the Vienna Sex Scene

December 27, 2022

We are sorry to tell you that Vienna is not that city where you can only find flawless adult entertainment venues. There are always some exceptions that follow negative trends to get more money out of your pocket. This is why we wrote this post, to help you avoid getting exploited by women in the…

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Large-scale raid in Bonn’s red-light district

December 15, 2022

In Bonn and the surrounding area, approximately 170 officers examined homes, brothels and street prostitution. The campaign’s objective was to combat drug dealing, red light criminality and human trafficking. On 24th of November, investigators from the police, the city, customs and taxes traveled to Bonn and the surrounding area to conduct inspections to combat human…

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Ex Red Light District in Westbahnhof Gets a New Green Oasis

December 14, 2022

Felberstraße was once one of the biggest red light districts in Vienna. Its great popularity has come to an end in 2011 when the new prostitution laws were introduced. This resulted in the disappearance of these activities in most parts of the city, including industrial areas and outskirts. Instead of read, the Felberstraße will be…

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The “Nordic Model” and sex industry in Germany

December 14, 2022

In this article is about Vanessa, who has a partner, a young child and wants to start working as a prostitute. She scheduled an appointment at the office to ensure everything goes as planned. After the second interview, which covers health-related topics, Vanessa will be registered and given the registration certificate, the so-called “Hurenpass”. Vanessa…

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Priests recorded young individuals who were forced into prostitution

December 13, 2022

A senior priest enticed young people to have sex with customers in his bedroom while abusing them at his Fürth residence. As is now known, the guy was previously given a total jail term of two years and eight months by the district court of Nuremberg-Fürth for serious forced prostitution, sexual assault, and other offenses.…

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An unique property is for sale, the Laufhaus for 1.5 million euros

November 19, 2022

Klagenfurt – Following recent advertisements for a brothel in Velden, a new property is now up for purchase in Klagenfurt: the “Villa de Luxe.” A new sign has just been up in front of the “Villa de Luxe” brothel on St. Veiterstraße in Klagenfurt. It states, “For sale.” When questioned, it was discovered that the…

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Shemale, a term often used in the sex industry, is used to describe a transgender female with a penis alongside her female characteristics.

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Prostitution in older times and nowadays

April 15, 2014

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Sexual abstinence Sexual abstinence or sexual restraint is the habit of withholding from some or all aspects of sexual activity. This decision can be taken for a number of reasons:…

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Swinger clubs

March 31, 2014

Swinging Swinging is when a couple “share” each other with other people. It is more and more popular with couples who have been living together for more years or decades. They…

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Sex Tourism

March 31, 2014

Countries regarding paid sex can be divided into two groups. There are places where prostitution is illegal and areas where running a sexclub is legal and tolerated.  Both the girls…

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Peepshows in Vienna

January 10, 2014

Peepshows are a kind of sex service, where a few girls can be seen dancing on a stage and the customers watch them in cabins. The minimum fee you have…

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Most erotic cities in the world

November 18, 2013

Let’s face it, tourism isn’t what it used to be anymore. What started like casual sightseeing quickly evolved into searching for the place where all the fun is. And, as…

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Nightclubs and Bars in Vienna

October 29, 2013

Since prostitution is generally legal all over Austria, the number of sex clubs and nightclubs has constantly been increasing. The places can be categorized differently, therefore everyone has the chance…

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Closed: Blue Velvet Review

October 25, 2013

Blue Velvet is a sexclub in Vienna, Austria. The interior is quite large and nice, up to a good standard, although the stone floor and red lights are not too…

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Nightlife in Vienna

October 14, 2013

So, you find yourself in Vienna and you are ready for some nightlife fun. Or maybe you came especially for the history and culture of this famous city. Or it’s…

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