False medical emergency at Funpalast Saunaclub

We got information about an ambulance being called to Funpalast last Friday on the 11th of May from heute.at and the Sex-Vienna forum. Allegedly, the authorities have been notified about a girl who suffered cardiac arrest at the saunaclub. An ambulance, a police vehicle and a fire truck were dispatched to the location with a defibrillator to stabilize the woman.

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Turns out this was a false alarm

Shortly after the ambulance arrived, they determined that this was a false alarm. Apparently, the girl in question wasn’t having a heart attack; she consumed too much alcohol that night. The emergency team reported that the 28 year old woman was overly intoxicated, but other than that she didn’t require immediate medical attention. According to our sources, the woman was checked by the medical team on-site and she wasn’t required to be hospitalized.


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