Blowjob Championship is criticized in Oberentfelden Municipality

oral sex competition

A small event in Oberentfelden Municipality cased a lot of criticism, in the weekend there should be a Blowjob Championship. The fundamentals in a nutshell The Blowjob Championship drew widespread condemnation in Oberentfelden Municipality There are activists and politicians that are urging the community to prohibit the Sauna Club event from taking place The organizer…

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Inflation is out of control – brothel prices are rising as well

Because of the inflation, the prices for paid sex will increase also. This is the first time when the Funpalast will boost prices since euro was adopted. Women are also increasing their prices before removing their clothes. Peter Laskaris from Funpalast advises lonely guys to finish quickly if they want to pay less. A half…

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At least fifteen prostitutes killed in Bavaria

At least fifteen prostitutes have been murdered in Bavaria all within the last 20 years, as per the “Ella” network. This number was highlighted by a gynaecologist by the name Liane Bissinger. In addition to the fifteen prostitutes deceased, Liane said that there had been five homicide attempts and a missing individual. Human trafficking, forced…

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Protest about unauthorized brothels

The property at number 19 Eintracht Street appears inconspicuous from the outside. Leaves hung from mailboxes that were painted purple and blue. However, the property in Cologne’s Eigelstein area appears to be more than a typical residential structure in the city centre, prompting some consternation in the Veedel. Because prostitutes will be hosted at the…

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Man rents his apartment – Subtenant opens a brothel

Within a short time, it’s hard to believe, but imagine your own apartment suddenly becoming a brothel. The Swiss Lorenzo M. placed an advertisement online for renting his apartment for three months, while he travels for three months. As the time was running out and he had only one offer, a single woman from abroad,…

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Nail salon turned into illegal brothel in Leipzig

the frontage of the leipzig opera house

There have recently been reports of men regularly visiting a nail salon in Leipzig, Germany. According to our sources, men are entering and exiting the building which is used as a nail salon around every 30 minutes. To find out exactly what is going on, keep reading the post. Additionally, you will also find other…

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Swedish vandals sentenced to three years of imprisonment

people in the water beside beach

Two Swedes have recently received a punishment of three years in jail because of what they did to a brothel in Mallorca back in 2019. In addition to the jail time, they also have to pay a compensation fee to the landlord. Continue reading this post and learn more about the drunken night of these…

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Swiss police continue their sex trafficking campaign

swiss police

For quite some time, the internet ad “Do you have eggs, customer?” has been online. Since September 3, 2021, the Swiss Crime Prevention (SKP) program to combat illicit prostitution and human trafficking has been available on relevant websites in close collaboration with the Basel-Stadt cantonal police. Banners with succinct phrases are displayed on websites selling…

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