Working as an escort is not an easy job

Young people tend to be easily attracted by the sex work industry. They think they can win large sums of money overnight, but in reality that is not really like this. In the article we are going to talk about a young woman named Daria and her struggles to mentally heal from the years that she worked as an escort in the sex industry. She is currently happy that she finally got out of that kind of work.

She was only 17 when she started sleeping with different men as a sex worker. She succeeded in taking care of herself with the money that she was winning from doing that kind of work. Even though she is a long time out of the industry, the mental damage is still present.

Daria did not have an easy childhood and the reason why she started working as an escort is because she was trying to escape from home and build a life for herself, to be independent. In the beginning she started sleeping with men just because it was better than sleeping at home, after a while she started asking money for her work.

She financed her escapy from home using the money she earned

She told: ‘’I financed my escape from home using the money I earned by working as an escort. At that time I was still in school and saw no other way to earn money. She went on to say: ‘’Everyone should think carefully beforehand whether she or he wants to work in the sex work industry. Even one single client can break you mentally.’’

At first it was easy for Daria to justify the situation to herself, but later on her mental health started to deteriorate. When she found herself involved into a long term relationship, she decided to forever stop working as a sex worker, but when things didn’t work out with her boyfriend, she found herself financially incapable to take care of herself. So she started working as an escort again.

She said:’’Most people that struggle with money won’t think about becoming an escort, but to those that have already done it so often think that that is the only way.’’

At the moment Daria gets advice and support from old contacts from the escort industry and from the Sisters advice centre. She is not yet mentally recovered, but she is on her healing journey. She often updates her friends and family on Instagram. She had one last thing to say to us; ‘’Nobody should underestimate the psychological consequences of sex work.’’

Source: Being an escort is not an easy part-time job

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