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Lucerne’s public prosecutor charges brothel operator with human trafficking charges

The public prosecutor is demanding a sentence of 6.5 years and a fine of 120 daily rates for a former brothel operator. The 54-year-old woman has been accused of, among other things, commercial human trafficking and multiple heads of promotion of prostitution. The prosecutor’s office referred the indictment to the criminal court.

The public prosecutor said that the woman is being accused of having taken several sex workers without valid documents from various Thai human trafficking rings. She has been doing so for almost two years and forced a number of 29 women to prostitute.

The victims came from poor backgrounds

The victims came from poor backgrounds in Thailand and, according to the prosecutor, they accepted the jobs due to financial needs. They were lured to Switzerland with false promises and believed that by taking the job they would be able to financially support their families at home.

However, when they arrived in Switzerland, they had to pay off the travel and placement costs and give the 54-year-old woman 50% of their incomes. They were also monitored by the brothel operator and their freedom and movements were restricted.

The public prosecutor’s office believes that the woman was well aware of the helplessness of the sex workers. She is being accused of ruthlessly exploiting this vulnerability and predicament in order to maximise her own profits.

It is not yet clear when the trial will start, the woman is still considered innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

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