Italy discovered a pimp ring that was forcing women into prostitution

The authorities unearthed a Nigerian pimp ring that was operating in northern and southern Italy and also in Sardinia. A total of 40 people have been arrested on charges of enslaving women and forcing them into prostitution or begging. Police has discovered a total of 41 women that were forced to prostitute and other 9 that were forced to beg.

The suspects are also accused of money laundering, people smuggling and supporting illegal immigration.

The investigation has started after a Nigerian woman filed a complaint

The investigation has begun due to a Nigerian woman who filed a complaint with the police. She claimed that she was brought illegally to Italy and forced to prostitute, she was promised a legitimate job, but in return she fell victim to the Nigerian pimp ring.

According to the police, the gang forced a total number of 41 young women into prostitution and other 9 women were forced to beg on the streets. It is alleged that the suspects were smuggling the profits abroad in suitcase handles and pasta packs, among other things. The ring was also operating in Germany, Libya, and Nigeria.

The women were forced to remain silent by being badly treated, beaten and subjected to macabre voodoo rituals that they believed might hurt their families back home.

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