Court acquits 29-year-old man on charges of forced prostitution

A 29-year-old man was sentenced by the district court to one year and ten months probation for a series of offences. However, for the charge of forced prostitution, he has been acquited. It was alleged that the man forced his underage girlfriend to prostitute.

Apart from the sentencing, the court ordered the man to stop using illegal substances and he is subjected to a probation period of four years, in addition he has to start inpatient drug therapy within the next six months. Until then, he would have to report regularly to a drug counselling centre. During the four years probation, he has to provide urine samples up to three times per quarter under supervision. If it’s discovered that the man violated the probation, he will have to serve time in prison.

For the main charge of the Offenburg public prosecutor’s office (serious human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation), the court issued a complete acquittal. It has been alleged that the man offered his then underage girlfriend to other men in exchange for money. According to the indictment, he is said to have demanded and withheld up to €150. He kept the real age of his girlfriend to himself and he allegedly mistreated his victim with beatings, among other things.

The court was unable to verify the facts

Richter declared that the court was unable to verify the facts of these accusations. The expert in charge came to the conclusion that the alleged victim is not a reliable witness due to her changing her story several times. The witnesses who were involved could not have adequately reinforced the allegations, according to the court.

Richter emphasised: ‘’But there were still some other acts left’’. He also referred to the trial as ‘’an unusual procedure’’  

The offender was accused of multiple bodily harm, resistance to police officers, possession and trafficking of drugs in large quantities, theft, damage of property, insults, death threats, driving without a licence and a hit and run. Everything is said to have happened between 2015 and 2019.

Even though he was acquitted of the prostitution charge, the court admitted that they believe that the man has been indeed beating his girlfriend as she claimed it has happened.

As a result, the court came to the conclusion to let the offender get away with probation. Due to its recent positive development, the judges saw no future danger in the man’s behaviour. After the first therapy in 2019, there were no more acts of violence coming from the 29-year-old. In conclusion, Richer addressed the 29-year-old man personally and told him: ‘’If you commit another crime, you will end up serving time in prison. You must be well aware of that.’’

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